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Why Vaginal Rejuvenation Is a Great Option for Postmenopausal Women

Even before they reach menopause, many women notice changes in their vaginal wellness — especially if they’ve had children. But even women who had a C-section or didn’t have kids notice changes in their intimate areas as the years pass. 

Once you enter menopause, things decline noticeably. Suddenly, the changes you observed, but were mostly able to ignore, become pressing. Sex might be painful or bladder control might be iffy. 

That’s precisely why Mark Greig, OMD, and the team at Youthful Reflexion offer vaginal rejuvenation in the comfort of our office in Tarpon Springs, Florida. With Viveve® Solutions, we can turn back the clock for you, restoring elasticity, vaginal lubrication, and urinary control. What’s more, we can do all of that with a noninvasive, no-downtime, completely comfortable treatment. 

If you’re past menopause, should you consider vaginal rejuvenation? Find out here. 

The postmenopause benchmark

Many women choose vaginal rejuvenation well before menopause. As women approach menopause, their bodies produce less and less estrogen. This leads to a number of unwelcome symptoms, including (but, unfortunately, not limited to) mood changes, trouble focusing, and hot flashes. 

Some of those symptoms may resolve, but by the time they reach menopause, women experience a steep decline in several hormones that regulate their vaginal wellness. That means that the vaginal transformation that occurred during menopause doesn’t reverse, so the symptoms continue. 

While some women choose vaginal rejuvenation before menopause, many women decide to pursue this treatment after menopause when they realize the vaginal changes are permanent. At that point, they’re ready to reclaim their vitality. 

Reversing vaginal atrophy

With less estrogen during and after menopause, you experience vaginal atrophy, which means your vaginal tissues are more prone to dryness, thinning skin, and inflammation. All in all, it’s not a comfortable condition. 

To reverse that, Dr. Greig offers vaginal rejuvenation with Viveve. This solution sends radiofrequency energy into your vagina to reinvigorate your tissues. At the same time, the treatment is cryogenically cooled so you remain completely comfortable during each Viveve session. And you don’t have to worry about any downtime afterward, either. 

With vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Greig can treat:

The last occurs when you have trouble controlling your urine stream, a normal occurance for some women after menopause. After Viveve treatment, you can have more bladder control when you sneeze, laugh, or lift something heavy. 

If you’re past menopause and you’re ready to reclaim your sexual vitality, call our medical spa or schedule your appointment online

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