BRAZILIAN WAX Tarpon Springs

Brazilian bikini waxes are all the rage and have been since the late 90s. Brazilian wax can be anything. You can have a complete bare wax or opt for a more moderate wax, which simply removes everything except for a small strip. A typical Brazilian Wax takes off the hair on your back-side as well, so you are clean all around.

When the entire hair is removed, your skin is left feeling smooth and outlasts other types of hair removal even creams.


Waxing is a well-known form of hair removal. It removes the entire hair from the hair follicle, unlike shaving or using clippers, which only cut the hair at the surface.

A Brazilian wax only starts with the front what makes it different is that it goes around to the back-side adding in a butt strip. This presents you with the opportunity to go for a completely nude look, or you can leave a neat triangle strip or square on the front. Choose the style that’s the best fit for you.


Can I bring my partner into the room to watch?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow others in the treatment room. We want your experience to be comfortable and successful. Another person in the room can distract the esthetician, and we feel a friend/partner can make an already nervous first-timer more nervous.

Can I go tanning before or after a Brazilian Wax?

It’s best not to. Your skin will be too sensitive. Remember, waxing is an exfoliation.
However, airbrush tanning after a wax is okay.

Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

Of course, ripping the hair from follicles isn’t going to be the most comfortable experience; but, in the hands of an esthetician, the pain during the process is minor. It helps if your esthetician has experience with hair removal, especially with Brazilian Bikini Waxes. Make sure she holds your skin tight. She may even ask you for help. You might not want to wax four days before, or four days after your cycle, as you may find, it is a little more painful these days.

How long should I wait after shaving?

If you had never waxed before and had an event coming up, such as your wedding, or a vacation, etc., we would not recommend getting your first ever wax a couple of days before you go. Plan and try to get in at least two waxes before you leave. This way, the first wax, which will be the more uncomfortable one, is out of the way. Your second wax will be even better.

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