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Semi Ablative laser resurfacing is a procedure using a wand-like laser instrument to remove acne scarring from the upper layers of skin. This process is also known as “laser peeling”. It removes old skin cells to reveal newer, more youthful cells.

Semi Ablative laser resurfacing also heats the skin layers underneath to promote collagen production, which stimulates the skin in the treatment area healing it in a smoother, more even appearance.


Laser treatments for scars are considered cosmetic and elective procedures, and your insurance may not cover the cost. The cost of treatment depends on:

  • the size of the scar
  • the number of injuries
  • the number of laser treatments you need

More than one laser treatment session might be required in order to achieve the results you desire. Each time you see your doctor, you’ll have to pay for the treatment session.

Benefits of acne laser treatment

Speedy treatment: Laser therapy for acne is probably the fastest of its kind. Many see improvement in just four twenty-minute treatments, and most people immediately return to normal activities.

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