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Facials Specialist

Youthful Reflexion

Med Spa & Aesthetics located in Tarpon Springs, FL

Whether you want to improve the look of your skin or prevent premature aging, facials make the perfect addition to your beauty routine. At Youthful Reflexion in Tarpon Springs, Florida, Mark Greig, OMD offers customized facials that address your specific needs and goals. To learn more about the benefits of facial services, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Facials Q & A

What are the benefits of facials?

Though often viewed as a luxury treatment, facials offer many benefits to your skin and your look. Making facials a regular part of your beauty routine enhances the effects and may delay the visible signs of aging. 

Some of the benefits of facials at Youthful Reflexion include:

  • Ridding skin of blemishes and blackheads
  • Keeping your skin moisturized
  • Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenating and tightening your skin

The team at Youthful Reflexion customizes your facial to match your specific skin needs and beauty goals. 

In addition to developing your customized facial, the team also provides recommendations for what you can do at home to maintain your look.

What types of facials are available?

Though facials are customized to meet your needs, Youthful Reflexion offers many innovative facials to address various skin concerns. The types of facials offered include:

  • Youthful Reflexion cryofacial
  • Dermaplaning facial
  • Deluxe facial
  • Back facial treatment

The signature cryofacial is a luxurious facial that includes the deluxe facial, a cryofacial treatment (controlled cooling of your skin), water globe massage, and cryo cooling mask for hydration. It’s the most requested facial at Youthful Reflexion. 

The team also develops facials for those with sensitive skin and offers special occasion facials to help you look your best for your special day. 

Are facials safe during pregnancy?

Yes, facials are a safe beauty treatment to enjoy during your pregnancy. In fact, the team at Youthful Reflexion recommends you include regular facials throughout your pregnancy to manage the breakouts, redness, and sensitivity that may develop from your hormonal changes.

Facials during pregnancy may also help you feel more relaxed, which may keep your blood pressure under control.

What can I expect after my facial?

No matter what type of facial you receive at Youthful Reflexion, you can expect to leave the med spa feeling rehydrated and relaxed. Additionally, your skin will look healthy and bright. 

After your facial, the team properly prepares your skin based on the time of your appointment. For early appointments, the team applies sun protective products and provides you with a cleansing agent to use before bed.

For facials scheduled later in the day, the team prepares your skin so there’s no need for any additional cleansing once you’re at home.

To learn more about the facials offered at Youthful Reflexion, call the office or book an appointment online.